LinkedIn Connection Challenge

Connection Challenge

Welcome to LinkedIn and the Herbst Academic Center LinkedIn group for student-athletes.  Now that you have started to build your LinkedIn profile, it’s time to start building your network.  The people you connect with fuels the power of this platform.

As you progress in your journey here at CU, you will meet all types of people including, teammates, coaches, instructors, alumni, and local community members and business leaders.  If you make a connection with them face-to-face, you will want to follow up immediately to add them to your LinkedIn network so you can continue to cultivate a professional relationship.

To help you get started building your network, we want to issue you a LinkedIn Connection Challenge.  This activity will familiarize you with the process of adding new people to your LinkedIn network.  If you need help completing this challenge you can contact me directly or ask your Academic Coordinator for assistance.

Follow the steps below to complete the Connection Challenge by Friday, August 14.  (Note:  DO NOT attempt this exercise until you have completed the first four steps in Building A Great Student Profile.)

  1. Connect with me. Corey Edwards LinkedIn Profile
  2. Connect with your Academic Coordinator.
  3. Connect with one of your Coaches.
  4. Connect with two of your teammates.
  5. Connect with two other incoming freshmen student-athletes who are not on your team.
  6. Connect with members of the First Year Program committee (a little more challenging).
    • Medford Moorer
    • David Callan
    • Christopher Bader
    • Katie Bason
    • Christopher Howlett

4 Ways Stadium Hospitality Technology Is Defending The Live Event

For those of you who attended my lecture last week on “The Interactive Fan Experience”, here is a timely article from TechCrunch, written by Bob Pascal of Centerplate. He talks about a few of the innovations we discussed in class and also writes about one we didn’t have time to get to. Near the end of the article he writes about drone technology and how it can improve the fan experience. Give it a read.

Hurysz Sets CU Mile Record

I am so happy that I was there to witness Jake’s outstanding performance at the Husky Invite in Seattle, racing to a sub-four minute mile and setting a new school record in the event.  He crossed the finish line at 3:58.13 which also placed him in the top 10 of collegiate milers this season.  I’m looking forward to more great things from Jake this year as he wraps up his career and prepares to graduate this May.

Read more at the link below . . .

Hurysz Sets CU Mile Record

Honor Code Awareness

Passing notes in class

Did you know that part of Ethical Leadership is being aware of and abiding by our campus Honor Code?

It is extremely important to exhibit and maintain academic integrity in all the work you do. It is my job to ensure that you are aware of the expectations placed upon you and the pitfalls that lie ahead of you. With this understanding, I’m requiring all of my students to take the Herbst Academic Center Honor Code Quiz during the semi-annual Honor Code Awareness Weeks, February 15 – 28, 2015.
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Leading Exam Review Sessions

Occasionally, some of our tutors will have an opportunity to lead exam review sessions for courses within their discipline.  These review sessions provide a different experience in the tutor/student dynamic than any of our other types of sessions. As an exam review leader, you want to systematically address the concepts that are most likely to appear on the exam while teaching the students how to solve the problems they will see.

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Set appointments with your Academic Coordinator

My students now have the ability to set up their own appointments with me using GradesFirst.  Students will be able to see my available meeting times, then select the time that works best for them in 30-minute increments.  Following, are simple instructions for setting up an appointment. Continue reading

Writing Lab & Math Lab

Our tutoring lab format provides an opportunity for student-athletes to get tutoring support without having to commit to regular appointments.  We offer Math Lab and Writing Lab help staffed by specialists who have significant training and teaching experience in these subject areas.  Students can drop-in for assistance or setup an appointment in advance by contacting their academic coordinator or the tutoring staff.  Following are guidelines that tutors are expected to follow when working Math Lab and Writing Lab shifts.
Writing Lab Station

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Activate Your Identikey

As a newly admitted student to CU Boulder, one of your first tasks will be to setup your login credentials that you will use to access many different online platforms and portals.  This login is referred to as your Identikey.  Follow the simple steps below to activate your new Identikey.  In order to proceed you will need your student ID number which was sent to you in your official admittance email.

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