Week 9: Academic Integrity

The NCAA takes the academic integrity of its schools and student-athletes very seriously.

Rules are not written for this area because every university in America has a program or policy in place to protect the academic integrity of its campus. Because of that, the NCAA allows campuses to “police” themselves in the area of academics.

The Honor Code Process relies on the collaboration of the entire university community to be both efficient and effective. Any member of the university community may report violations/accusations to the honor council and we encourage you to do so if you believe one of your student-athletes is violating academic integrity.

  • Honor investigators gather evidence and investigate allegations of reported violations. The adjudication director looks at the evidence and determines whether the accused student will be brought before the hearing panel. An accused student is assigned an advisor who is available to the the student throughout the hearing process.
  • A closed panel hearing is convened. A member of the university community may accompany the accused student solely for support. Honor investigators present written documentation of their findings and the accused student may make a statement to the panel. The deliberations are closed to anyone outside of the panel.
  • The Hearing Panel will decide whether the accused student is responsible or not responsible. If found responsible the record or the violation is maintained with the individual school/college and at the honor code office.
  • If found responsible, the hearing panel will reconvene to assign non-academic sanctions. Either the student/faculty member may initiate an appeal based on certain criteria. If found not responsible the record is destroyed.

Post submitted by Mindy Sclaro


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