Appointment Cancellations Finally Here

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GradesFirst released the Appointment Cancellations feature update this week, and upon initial review, it looks like exactly what we have longed for. We can finally put an end to the “disappearing” appointments in the GradesFirst system. As Academic Coordinators, I know we have all been frustrated when we go into one of our student’s calendars to find that the tutoring appointment we arranged for them has disappeared without a trace.

With this new update, we shift from deleting appointments to canceling appointments. This may seem like simple word play, but in fact, there is a huge difference between the two.  We will no longer delete appointments (DO NOT DELETE APPOINTMENTS).


When an appointment is deleted, it disappears . . . forever.

This is what we want to avoid. Instead, when we “cancel” an appointment, GradesFirst allows us to track the life-cycle of the meeting. A canceled meeting remains on the attendees calendars. We can track the reasons the appointments were canceled. We can now run reports to show us why and when appointments are canceled. And most importantly, we can determine who gets notified once an appointment is canceled. So the days of feeling left in the dark when an appointment is canceled are gone. Every Academic Coordinator will receive an email notification if one of their student’s tutor appointments is canceled.

Key Features:

  • Canceled appointments remain on calendars (in purple)
  • Coordinators receive email notifications for their student’s canceled meetings
  • Send appointment reminders to all or individual attendees on demand
  • Message all or individual attendees of an appointment from the “Manage Appointment” window
  • Attendees can message the meeting organizer from the “Manage Appointment” window

I encourage you to dive in and poke around the system. I’m sure you will be as pleased with the new update as I am. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or for a guided tour of the new features.

Click here for the complete GradesFirst Appointment Cancellations User Guide.



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