New Time Sheets

Document LogoThis week there will be new time sheets for the tutoring program. With the addition of Tutor Tables, the Math Lab, and the Writing Lab, this new time sheet will better catalog the hours that tutors log. In the sample time sheet provided below, the fields have been populated with hypothetical information to provide a guide to properly complete each time sheet. The red ink denotes the fields that the tutor should complete.

The time sheet is divided into two sections. The top section contains four boxes, each representing a different Tutor Table. There is room for a maximum of four students per table. The bottom section is where the tutor should log individual sessions and Math/Writing Lab shifts. If a tutor should exceed the number of Tutor Table boxes, or spaces for individual/Lab sessions, a new time sheet should be started.

When totaling a time sheet, add the “Total Time” of each Tutor Table session and the “Total” of each individual lab session, then place the sum in the “Total Hours” space at the bottom-center of the time sheet. Finally, sign and date the time sheet then submit in the box outside my office door.

Click here for sample of new time sheet.

Key Points:

  • Write neatly
  • Always round to the nearest quarter hour using decimals (00:15 = .25, 00:30 = .50, 00:45 = .75, 01:00 = 1.0)
  • Include the session time when recording no-shows
  • Remember to get each student’s signature
  • Do not let students complete the time sheet
  • No signature is required when working Math Lab/Writing Lab shifts
  • Submit time sheets weekly in the box outside my door
  • Know the payroll cutoff dates
  • Monthly payroll should complete GREEN time sheets
  • Bi-weekly payroll should complete WHITE time sheets
  • New time sheets can be found in the Tutor Corner

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