Don’t Let the Madness Overtake You

Last March, while attending the Pac-12 Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, I almost got caught up in the Madness. After taking in Utah’s improbable overtime win over the Cal Bears, my wife and I were walking through the MGM Grand to meet some friends for dinner. Basketball Scoreboard at MGM 2013

As we strolled through the casino floor, still caught up in the excitement, we came upon the Sports Book when my wife exclaimed, “let’s put some money on Utah!”. Imagining the possibilities of a #10 seed advancing to the Big Dance, we got in line to throw down our wager, when all of a sudden I remembered, “I can’t do this”. For a split moment, March Madness took over my thought process and I narrowly avoided a preventable mistake.

NCAA rules prohibit all athletic department staff members and student-athletes from gambling or wagering anything of value on any NCAA sporting events. This includes any NCAA tournament games, brackets, and pools.

Who does this apply to?

Full-time staff, part-time staff, volunteers, student-workers, and student-athletes

Anything of value?

Cash, meals, clothing, etc.

What kind of bets?

Do Not Wager:

On the outcome of any NCAA games
On the outcome of any NIT/WNIT games
On the MVP winner
In a March Madness Bracket

There are many opportunities for you to participate in the March Madness excitement that do not violate NCAA rules. Here are a few sites that will allow you to take part in the fun without placing a bet . . .

ESPN Tournament Challenge
Quicken Loans/Warren Buffet Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge 
CBS Sports Bracket Games

* Remember to join brackets that do not require a fee to enter.


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