Writing Lab & Math Lab

Our tutoring lab format provides an opportunity for student-athletes to get tutoring support without having to commit to regular appointments.  We offer Math Lab and Writing Lab help staffed by specialists who have significant training and teaching experience in these subject areas.  Students can drop-in for assistance or setup an appointment in advance by contacting their academic coordinator or the tutoring staff.  Following are guidelines that tutors are expected to follow when working Math Lab and Writing Lab shifts.
Writing Lab Station

Lab Hours & Location
Sunday – Thursday
4:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Dal Ward Study Hall (work stations)
General Policies & Procedures
  • Have students sign-in before beginning each session.  Sign-in sheet is provided at each work station.
  • Always check for waiting students when a scheduled session time is complete.
  • Submit sign-in sheet to the study hall monitor at the end of each shift.
  • It is not necessary to file a GradesFirst tutor report after working with a student in the labs.
  • If using scratch paper, shred immediately after the session.  Do not give to the student.
  • If you are not working with a student, you should walk around the study area every 10 minutes to offer your assistance to students who may be working on assignments within your competency area.
Writing Lab Policies & Procedures
  • 30-minute sessions
  • Never work at a computer during writing lab.  Student should bring printed copies of their writing assignment.
  • Do not compose work during a session.  You should only be reviewing what they have already written, or helping them plan to write on their own.
  • If a student shows up with nothing written, turn the session into a planning session (i.e. research, outline, thesis, etc.)
  • When a session is complete, provide the student with take-aways (things to continue working on) using the index cards provided at the work station.
  • Do not write on the student’s paper.  Feel free to ask them to bring an extra copy for you to write on.  Remember to shred your copy at the end of the session.  Do not give it to the student.
  • Do not alter the voice of the student.  The words should be their own and in their own style.
  • Do not exceed 30 minutes with an individual student in one sitting.  If a student needs additional help, they should first leave to go work on the take-aways you discussed, then they can return once they have new problems to address.
Math Lab Policies & Procedures
  • 45-minute sessions
  • Do not provide the student with answers to textbook or homework problems.
  • Never work out a problem, or any part of a problem, for which the student does not have access to the answer.
  • Do not assist students with graded assignments unless authorization has been granted by the instructor.  Contact the tutoring director to confirm whether such a privilege has been granted.
  • When reviewing problems on the student’s computer, the student should be the only one using the computer.  Do not type or navigate for the student.
  • Do not exceed 45 minutes with an individual student in one sitting.  If no students are waiting for help, you may continue working with the current student while continuing to be aware of students who may be waiting to see you.


5 thoughts on “Writing Lab & Math Lab

  1. Matthew Wilkins

    I think leaving the student with something to think about at the end is a great idea, and I will incorporate it into my sessions.

  2. Ryan Stoner

    Is it possible to draw out an example for the students on a separate piece of paper for a non-lab tutoring session as long as it is not answering an assignment or homework?


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