Set appointments with your Academic Coordinator

My students now have the ability to set up their own appointments with me using GradesFirst.  Students will be able to see my available meeting times, then select the time that works best for them in 30-minute increments.  Following, are simple instructions for setting up an appointment.

  1. Login to GradesFirst at
  2. Click the blue “Get Advising” button.  Get Advising button
  3. Select “Coordinator Meeting” as the reason you want to meet; location will default to the correct location.  appt setup multi step
  4. Select your Academic Coordinator.
  5. Provide details about what type of advising you need in the Comments box.
  6. Select/Deselect which type of reminder notifications you would like.
  7. Choose from one of the available times highlighted in green by selecting the circle in the time spot you want.  (Note: you cannot set up an appointment within 24 hours of the meeting time.
  8. Finally, click the blue “Save Appointment” button at the bottom of the scheduling window.

Available times


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