Honor Code Awareness

Passing notes in class

Did you know that part of Ethical Leadership is being aware of and abiding by our campus Honor Code?

It is extremely important to exhibit and maintain academic integrity in all the work you do. It is my job to ensure that you are aware of the expectations placed upon you and the pitfalls that lie ahead of you. With this understanding, I’m requiring all of my students to take the Herbst Academic Center Honor Code Quiz during the semi-annual Honor Code Awareness Weeks, February 15 – 28, 2015.

The Honor Code Quiz can be accessed through your D2L portal. It is housed in the Herbst Academic Center Community Course. Each student has three attempts to achieve 100% on the 10-question quiz. If you do not reach 100% after the third attempt, you will be required to schedule a brief meeting with me to discuss the questions you missed. Once you reach a perfect score, send me a message to let me know you’ve done it. The quiz must be completed by Thursday, February 26 at 11:59pm.

If you feel the need to brush up on your honor code awareness, you can access the following link: What is a Violation?

Follow the instructions below to access the Honor Code Quiz.

  1. Log in to D2L.
  2. From your D2L home page, click the “Herbst Academic Center” link under Community Spaces.D2L Home Page HAC Course
  3. Click the “Assessments” drop down arrow, then select “Quizzes”.HAC D2L page Assesments Link
  4. Choose the “Plagiarism Quiz Spring 2015”. Notice that you can see a tally of your attempts at the far right of this page.Quiz and Attempts
  5. Finally, read the instructions then take the quiz. Good luck!Start Quiz

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