60 Minutes

Tutoring Appointments are scheduled in 60 minute blocks of time.  Tutors should plan to use the majority of this time, working with the student(s) assigned to the session.  There are times when this may not be possible, but those instances should be the exception.

Try to have a plan of action in case the student shows up claiming they have nothing to work on.  Tutors might consider looking ahead at upcoming material, reviewing past exams, creating study guides, working practice problems, or designing sample test questions.  The goal of every session should be to help students become better learners, and allowing them to leave early let’s an opportunity to teach float away.
Here are guidelines to ensure tutors are maximizing their sessions:


  • Be on time and start on time.
  • Come with a plan of attack.  If a student has specific things to work on, always address their problems first.
  • Be aware of students who may need to leave a little early to get to class.  A student should never leave more than 15 minutes early.  A student’s class schedule can be viewed in GradesFirst.
  • At-risk, or Tier 1, students should never be allowed to leave a session more than 15 minutes early unless prior approval was given directly by their Academic Coordinator.
  • All students should bring enough work to occupy the full session.
    • If a student shows up with less than 15 minutes of work, the session should be filed as a no-show, citing this as the reason in the summary box of the report.
    • If a student shows up with less than 30 minutes of work, this should be noted in the summary section of the tutor report and they should be marked as “unprepared” for the session.
  • Do not end sessions more than 5-10 minutes early, leaving just enough time to complete the tutor report.
  • Any other situation that detracts from the session and does not conform to these guidelines should be filed in the tutor report.

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