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Set appointments with your Academic Coordinator

My students now have the ability to set up their own appointments with me using GradesFirst.  Students will be able to see my available meeting times, then select the time that works best for them in 30-minute increments.  Following, are simple instructions for setting up an appointment. Continue reading

Quick Setup: CU Gmail for iOS (iPhone, iPad)

gmail logoThe CU Boulder campus has recently transitioned all student email accounts to Gmail.  This change provides students with a significant increase in storage space – 25 GB.

Here are the quick start instructions to setup your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, etc.) with access to your email account.

Quick Setup:

  1. Tap to open Settings icon
  2. Select “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”
  3. Tap “Add Account . . .”
  4. Select “Gmail”
  5. Enter requested details (use Identikey for email address, NOT  Email should look like this [your identikey]  Tap “Next”.
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Finished!

Click here for detailed setup instructions.

Learn how to activate your CU Gmail account.

Appointment Cancellations Finally Here

GradesFirst Logo3-21

GradesFirst released the Appointment Cancellations feature update this week, and upon initial review, it looks like exactly what we have longed for. We can finally put an end to the “disappearing” appointments in the GradesFirst system. As Academic Coordinators, I know we have all been frustrated when we go into one of our student’s calendars to find that the tutoring appointment we arranged for them has disappeared without a trace.

With this new update, we shift from deleting appointments to canceling appointments. This may seem like simple word play, but in fact, there is a huge difference between the two.  We will no longer delete appointments (DO NOT DELETE APPOINTMENTS).


When an appointment is deleted, it disappears . . . forever.

This is what we want to avoid. Instead, when we “cancel” an appointment, GradesFirst allows us to track the life-cycle of the meeting. A canceled meeting remains on the attendees calendars. We can track the reasons the appointments were canceled. We can now run reports to show us why and when appointments are canceled. And most importantly, we can determine who gets notified once an appointment is canceled. So the days of feeling left in the dark when an appointment is canceled are gone. Every Academic Coordinator will receive an email notification if one of their student’s tutor appointments is canceled.

Key Features:

  • Canceled appointments remain on calendars (in purple)
  • Coordinators receive email notifications for their student’s canceled meetings
  • Send appointment reminders to all or individual attendees on demand
  • Message all or individual attendees of an appointment from the “Manage Appointment” window
  • Attendees can message the meeting organizer from the “Manage Appointment” window

I encourage you to dive in and poke around the system. I’m sure you will be as pleased with the new update as I am. As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or for a guided tour of the new features.

Click here for the complete GradesFirst Appointment Cancellations User Guide.


Quick Setup: CU Gmail


CU Boulder uses Google Apps for email, calendaring, and various other services. This service requires each student to navigate to the Google site to activate their account. Below is a quick setup guide to get you started:

CU gmail login screen

Quick Setup:

  1. Navigate to
  2. Login with your CU Identikey and password
  3. Accept the terms at the “Welcome to your new account” screen
  4. Welcome to your Inbox!

Key features of your CU Google account:

  • Access to Gmail, Contacts, Calendar, Chat, Groups, Drive, Sites
  • 25 gigabytes of storage in Gmail
  • 5 gigabytes of storage in Drive
  • Tied to your CU Identikey account
  • Everyone on campus will have a Google Apps account which makes for great collaboration

Setup CU Gmail on your iPhone or iPad.

GradesFirst Calendar Integration with iOS Devices

iphone calendar logoFor those of you with iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc.), it is very easy to setup your device’s calendar to view all of your GradesFirst appointments. This will make it convenient for you to see class schedules, tutor appointments, practice schedules and any other appointments added to your GradesFirst calendar.

To setup, follow these simple steps:

  1. Using the Safari browser on your device, navigate to (Note:  You must do this from the device you want to setup).
  2. Login to GradesFirst.

    Photo Skitch Document - Gold Calendar Tab

    Gold Calendar Tab

  3. Navigate to your GradesFirst calendar by clikcing the gold “Calendar” tab at top of screen.

    Photo Skitch Document - Right Sidebar

    Right Sidebar

  4. Select the “Setup calendar integration” link in the right sidebar.
  5. Now you’ve reached the instructions page for the calendar integration.  In the top line of the first paragraph on this page, click on the “click here” link. This will send a request to your device’s calendar.
  6. Next, you will see a blue pop-up box asking you to “subscribe” to the GradesFirst calendar (it may take up to two minutes for this box to appear).Photo Skitch Document - Subscribe Box
  7. Finally, click “subscribe” and the GradesFirst calendar, including all of your appointments, will be added to your device’s calendar.

* You can toggle this calendar on/off by going to the calendar settings on your device.

Week 11: Twitter and Facebook

Social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facebook, are all the rage and have been for quite some time. Naturally, as these sites have evolved into playing a greater role in our culture, they have also evolved into being used in the recruiting world. With this evolution into recruiting, questions have been raised on what NCAA rules allow to occur with these sites.

Generally, the NCAA only allows “electronic correspondence” in the forms of e-mail and faxes in terms of communicating with recruits. Therefore, coaches and staff (which includes Herbst Academic Center tutors) cannot write on “walls” of prospects, comments on their status, post comments on photographs, etc.
Also, when updating a Facebook or Twitter status, prospects cannot be singled out or named. Statuses must be kept general, rather than specific.

Since e-mail is allowed, coaches/staff can use the “inbox” function on Facebook or the direct message function on Twitter to contact recruits.

Direct any questions to Jill or Corey.

Post submitted by Mindy Sclaro