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Week 6: Communication with Coaches

Each student-athlete has the federally protected right to privacy concerning their education records under the Federal Education Rights to Privacy Act (FERPA).  This includes grades, test scores, quiz scores, attendance habits and other course results related to performance.  Water Cooler Talk

Every year the Herbst Academic Center asks the student-athletes to sign an academic release which allows our full-time staff to discuss their academic progress with each other and their respective coaching staffs.  This release does not cover the act of tutors, learning facilitators, or study hall monitors sharing information with each other or anyone outside of the Herbst Academic Center.  Therefore, all part-time staff including tutors, learning facilitators and study hall monitors are NOT to discuss a student’s academic progress with members of the coaching staff.  Additionally, a student’s performance should not be shared with the staff members of any other department in athletics.

Furthermore, part-time staff should maintain confidentiality with any information obtained in the course of their duties in the Herbst Academic Center.  If questions or concerns should arise please visit with an Academic Coordinator or Kris Livingston, Associate Athletics Director/Student Success.


Week 6: FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974

Federal law holds members of the Herbst Academic Center to strict standards of confidentiality. Any academic information that is disclosed by a student-athlete is considered to be confidential.  This includes disclosing information about student-athletes to coaches, other athletics staff, the press or any individual who is not associated with the Herbst Academic Center.  The release of this protected information is limited to the staff in the Herbst Academic Center ONLY.  Tutors, as well as the remainder of the staff, are to abide by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (also known as FERPA).  This Act deals directly with the protection of the educational records of student-athletes.

Additionally, tutors should not communicate directly with faculty members or coaches about the students they tutor.

Below are links to additional information to help you gain a better understanding of FERPA.

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